I will be a little serious for an instant, for an instant only.


The origin of the Juvaquatre climbs back up to 1936.

The decision of Renault to create a new car, was dictated by French political and social events in that year of 1936, called "Front poulaire" The popular forehead.

For the first time workers obtain right to vacancies.

Before only the easy class have holidays.

Now workers whant to travel and why not by car.

Also cars for these new categories need to be created.

A car of weak accessible cost to the biggest number.

Furthermore the firm of Billancourt don't have more made of small car with 6 HP power since stop of production of the Renault NN in December 1929.

Therefore Renault prepares a new car its first name was "Junior".

This car was equipped with the new engine with 6HP.

In 1937 while the first prototypes are to be tested, a new name was give.


JUVA comes from Latin "juventu" that means young.

QUATRE "FOUR" (in French) to designate number of cylinder of the engine.

Juvaquatre is the car for the youth

This new name is in the logic of those attributed to the other Renault