monogramme de pare-chocs arriére de berline ou coach

updated 08/12/99






It is a car built by RENAULT French manufacturer established in Boulogne Billancourt town located to the south west of Paris.

The Juvaquatre engine is in foward position four cylinders.

The power is transmitted to the rears wheels by torque tube and rear axle.

This car has only 3 speeds and one reverse.

Many peoples remember them Juvaquatre in commercial version (the biggest one of the production) but this small Renault also existed under passenger transportation.

The first juvaquatre was built in 1937, the last one (an Dauphinoise) in March 1960.




The main characteristic to all Juvaquatre is this particular front design, cowl marries the forms of headlights installed both sides of radiator grille with horizontals bars .

Likeable noze!



The JUVAQUATRE name was used by RENAULT only to call :

The cars:

The commercials vehicles was called chronologically:

But at era already some Juvaquatre users preserved the term of "JUVA" to designate their small utility even if this one was a Dauphinoise, the actual fascinated haven't change.



SEDAN 2 DOORS (coach in french)


It is a 4 places car but only with 2 larges doors . Access to the rear seat is very easy with the larges front doors and the two front tip-up seats.

Sedan 2 doors was designed by 5 differents versions: AEB1 ; AEB2 ; BFK1. BFJ1 for Australia BFD1 for UK.

In finishing touches "luxury" and "great luxury"

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THE COUPE:(coupe in French)

It is a 2 doors car but only with two places .

This car is a rarety in Juvaquatre family.

The coupe was designed in 5 versions:AEB2 ; BFK1 ; BFK2 ; BFK3 ; BFK4.

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SEDAN 4 DOORS:(berline in French)



This car have 4 doors and 4 places .

Sedan 4 doors was designed in 4 versions: AEB3 ; BFK2 ; BFK3 ; BFK4; BFD2 for UK.

 The main difference with a prewar car and after WW2 car in latest version have external access to the trunk.



THE VAN "service"(fourgonnette service in French)

It is a economic version of the light van since september 1952 with minimum equipment exemple: only one seat and no rear bumper .

But the most visible difference there is no ventilation flap forward doors.

The van service was designed in 3 versions: AHG2 ; R2100 ; R2101.




THE LIGHT VAN: ( fourgonnette normale in French)


It is a delivery car with only two places ,its big panels lend themselves to advertising purposes.

The light van was designed in 3 versions : AHG2 ; R2100 ; R2101.


SATION WAGON:(break in French)

Its a mixed car for merchandise transport and by rear seat installation 4 persons transportation.

Station wagon was designed in 4 versions : AHG2 ; R1080 ; R2100 ; R2101.




THE DAUPHINOISE:(la Dauphinoise in French)

Are named all Renault Juvaquatre production, station wagon,van,light van witch are provided with the new engine 5 CV since 1956 same engine provided to the new Renault Dauphine.

The Dauphinoise was designed in 1 version: R2101.