Juva AEB2 découvrable


Rare Juvaquatre convertible SAPRAR type "tous temps". (all weathers)

This car was saved , she was in a hole . A crane was used to extract this poor Juvaquatre from this hole.

Bought in 1986.

Not restored.


My second convertible SAPRAR .This car has been modified to transport grave stone. The rear part is missing.

Now this car is for parts.


épave de découvrable 1939


Dauphinoise service 1959


My first Juvaquatre is a Dauphinoise"service" from 1959.

Bought in 1983.

She was a little bit transformed :the wheels, the seats , and colour are not from original.

The engine is cracked .



My second Dauphinoise from 1956 was a station wagon , she was found in a farm and she was in a hen house .

A good battery and clean gazoline the engine start like the first day.

But the frame was too rusted.

Now the car is for parts.

break dauphinoise 1956



break R2100 de 1955


This station wagon from 1956 type R2100.

Is now in my garden since one year.

All parts are for sale.