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These pages have been constantly updated since this website's creation in December 1998
Now, not all of the pages are in English, but I'm working on it.


You are here in "THE SITE " dedicated to this likable Renault that counts many lovers.
Here you will find descriptions, historic, pictures, old advertisment, miniatures, testimonies etc...
 If you are an old one "RENAULT" and if you have any anecdote about this car, I will be pleased to hear it.

Have you crossed the USA in a Juva?

Did you do the 1940 exodus with a Juvaquatre ?

You were in one of the obsequies and your hearse was a Juvaquatre ? etc.

 Tell me your anecdote and I will share it with everybody on this website.

 ( The three examples above are true)

 There is nothing better than the history related by those that experienced it.

 I am always looking for original documents from this era, so do not hesitate to offer them to me, I am a buyer.

 By luck all Renault advertisments carry a reference that starts with VT for the sedan and by PL for commercials, then if you have a document to offer me , please mention this reference, thank-you.

 I keep also anything that represents the Juvaquatre under all its forms:

 Modeles, postcards, Pin's, phonecards etc.... 


If you have any question about the Juvaquatre, do not hesitate ! I will reply to all requests with pleasure

 Your questions about the subject can also be written in English by e-mail.


If you would like to know the origins of the name " JUVAQUATRE ". here

Yyou can know the month and the year your Juva left the factory.

Coming soon, there will be a page, which will allow you to date a Juva according to its technical characteristics.

Here also will be the "JUVASTORY".

Here is a list of all the articles that were published about Juvaquatre in the specialized press during the last years. Amongst this, a list of some articles to which I contributed.

HERE all the amount of production by type. (private access)

Thus you will know how many cuttings of découvrable and taxis were made from our Juva.

You can read my small introduction on the subject for different bodies.

Know The different engines that equipped Juvaquatre .

See my Juvaquatre pin's collection.

Consult The announcements of Juv'amicale.


And again a lot of things to come. Come and visit this site again, it is constantly updated.


The census of the JUVAQUATRE .

If you wish, you can census your car, my friend Cauret Laurent from Le Mans has courageously undertaken this task, let us help him. It is the oldest census, started by myself in the midle of the 80's.

Laurent Cauret's census is the only " JUVAQUATRE RENAULT HOME PAGE" official census.

Little imports their current state, all Juva's are welcome.

You do not need to give your name or your address, simply your department or countries and the numbers of your car.

In september 2019

there were nearly 1880 Juvaquatre listed worldwide.

(thank-you Laurent and many thanks to the visitors) 1880 juva, which let us know at least, a number for us to veneer.

202 cars outside of France
147 in Europa
23 in America
12 in Africa
11 in Asia
9 in Oceania

Yes there are Juvaquatre everywhere on our planet. The most removed one from Billancourt is located in Australia. 

I will be very happy to list other cars in the world


now in English!



If you wish it you can send a picture of your Juva by e-mail, I will be very pleased to place it in the gallery of this site. In this case it will be necessary to mention the name of the author of the photo. Thank-you of your help. Please remind that your pictures need to be saved as a jpeg, thank-you


I am a member of "Renault Histoire"

 And member of Club des amateurs d'anciennes Renault since 1984




I acquired my first Juva in 1983.

That year, an insurer specializing in antique car insurance, who is still in business today,
refused to insure my Juvaquatre because it wasn't considered a collectible car !

Yes it's true I have his letter.

 Why did I buy a Juvaquatre ?


According to my friend Daniel, a work colleague of that time, I did not understand anything to the Ricoré advertisment. 

An advertisment (broadcasted on French television) about an instant breakfast prepration, showed a very beautiful break Dauphinoise two tones, yellow and black .

The ad for "Ricoré".


The « Ricoré friend », the friend of the breakfast (a baker ) arrives driving his beautiful Dauphinoise to deliver to a family, awaiting on a terrace, what to prepare its first meal of the day.

My wife brought this to my attention:"What a funny car that is, I'd like to have one like that" Little did she know of the future consequences.

Therefore some time later, I started to research the Juva and not Ricoré, I really did not understand the ad !!!


I found the desired Juva in the classified ads of Nitro magazine.

It was a 1959 Dauphinoise tôlée typical service R2101.

Yes sir ! I had to tax it, as the car was only 24 years old. In France you don't need to pay tax if your car is at least 25 years old.

The car had undergone a light customisation beginning.

The owner lived Paris, which was convenient as so did I, therefore, everything was very simple.

I concluded the purchase on a Saturday evening, but on my way back home, bad luck, first breakdown right in the middle of the Holy boulevard Saint-Germain. A tourist bus driver told me "buy you a donkey". Poor Juva had a bad cooling due to the radiator being blocked.

Since then, I did not stop looking for informations about this car. Even if very few things were written on this subject, the Juva not being as popular as the 4CV, for example.

Now, I spend more time consulting the archives of the factory, consigning my researches on my PC and creating this website than in my garage, restoring this car and the others.

I also posess a rare 1939 Sedan 2 doors AEB2 convertible SAPRAR.

As well as a 1957 Station wagon R2101 and another 1939 AEB2 SAPRAR. Those two cars are now taken to pieces.

A 1955 Station wagon R2100, recently landed in my garden.


It's been almost 20 years now, that I consecrate my free time to the history of the JUVAQUATRE . One now presents me as the specialist of the Juvaquatre , this is likable but I still have a lot of questions that remain without answer.